OK now this is a day that we should all give consideration to Humiliation Day…..it is NOT WHAT YOU THINK>>>

Humiliation Day is not a day to humiliate someone. Rather, it should be viewed as a time to recognize the negativity of humiliating someone, or a group of people.

Perhaps too many people associate humbleness with humility. So, they think today is a day to be humble. Being humble is good virtue. Humiliation is a negative impression placed upon someone….which is not so good.

Let’s all use this special day, to remind us to avoid humiliating anyone for any reason. Let’s take the time today to teach our young people about kindness and consideration of others this day….This could be a great life lesson for them to learn and the earlier the better.

#Humiliation #Awareness #Consideration #BeKind #BeConsiderate #Children

Some thoughts for learning/teaching and knowing about kindness…..

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