So today is Trivia Day…..How good are you at trivia? Enjoy the day…..

Whether the roots of Trivia Day are deep….or whether this day was established by the Ecard dot coms is irrelevant.

Trivia Day is a fun day. It is an opportunity for us to share those many little trinkets of knowledge. It doesn’t matter how big or how trivial. Dazzle your friends and family with generous portions of trivia today!

Origin of Trivia Day:
Robert L. Birch, Grand PunScorpion of the Puns Corps created this day to raise our awareness of the significance of trivia in the development of human curiosity, science, and fun.

Fun Trivia:
Beer Trivia 
Chocolate Trivia
Garden Trivia
Pumpkin Trivia
Spuds Trivia – interesting tidbits about potatoes

#Trivia #Games #Fun #Facts #Learn #Elephants

Be sure to get your family and friends together today for some trivia…here are a few ideas for you to consider…………..but as always you can click on one of these and then search to your hearts content until you find exactly what you are looking for…Enjoy your day and HAVE FUN!!!!

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