Well it is the 2nd Wednesday so that means it is National Take the Stairs Day!!!!!

So what was your New Years Resolution??? Get or remain healthy??? Well today is just the day to help you with that resolution….. Well today is the 2nd Wednesday so this is your day…… 

Are you looking to get or remain healthy? Are you looking for an amateur sport that you can participate, and even compete in? Then National Take the Stairs Day is for you! 
The primary goal of this special day, is to encourage you and me to improve our health, by leaving the elevator behind, and walking up the stairs.Walking up and down stairs, instead of using of the elevator or escalator, is a non-impact activity that most of us can do. It helps us tone our muscles, maintain or even lose weight, and contribute to cardio-vascular health. 
Most smartphones have an app that counts stairs. If you phone does not have it, you can download a stair counting app. 
Stair Climbing Factoid: A 160 pound person who climbs for 3 minutes, expends approximately 30 calories. 
Did You Know? Stair Climbing, either walking or running, is an organized, amateur competitive event! 
Discover and enjoy the health benefits of taking the stairs today. Then, make it a daily habit.  
Origin of National Take the Stairs Day:
Our research found multiple sources stating that this special day was first held on January 6, 2016. It was clearly defined as the second Wednesday in January. Oddly, we did not find anyone who claimed to have created the day. Based upon our research, we believe it was created by one of a couple of organized stair running groups. 
There is no evidence to suggest that this is truly a “National” day, which requires an act of congress. and/or a presidential proclamation. 
Note: In our research, we found just one reference to “Take the Stairs Day” on October 30th. This may have been just a one time, localized event.

So if you are looking to use this as your starting point for exercise be sure to have the correct “equipment” mainly you need shoes…..

Or maybe for now you just want to read about………. so you can plan your walking………..

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