For anyone that wants a break from the Political Scene then today is your day Celebrate NO POLITICS DAY

Isn’t it about time somebody said …. “Give it a rest!!
After all the angst, bitterness, and negativity of recent elections, and the protests over installation of newly elected officials at just about all levels, normal Americans have had it with the political rancor. Isn’t it time to take a break from politics? I think one thing we all can agree upon, is that a break from politics would be refreshing, if only for a day.  Today is No Politics Day. That means no political activities and no political statements of any kind whatsoever…. no Facebook or twitter posts, no discussions or debates, and no sharing or spreading political articles, comics, or other materials. And, certainly, no fake news today. The news media should also participate in this special day. We have little faith that the media will comply, as all the negativity sells TV, radio and print ads. 
It was quickly decided not to make this a national day, as that would require an act of congress or a presidential proclamation. There is no way this could be accomplished without a whole lot of political lobbying. And, could you imagine any politician voting for no politics, even if only for a day.
So, let’s all celebrate this refreshing and relaxing day. There will be plenty of time for politics tomorrow. Deep Thought for Today: It is rather ironic to realize that a successful No Politics Day would be a political victory!

#NoPolitics #TakeARest #Elephant #Enjoy #NoHassels #Agreement

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