YUMMY Let’s Celebrate International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

It’s mid winter. The snow and cold seems like it will never come to an end. Spring seems so far away.
Stuck in a mid winter funk, and suffering from cabin fever, it’s time to do something, weird, odd, quirky.
So, lets eat ice cream for breakfast!!!    ….YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!
According to legend and this day’s creator, today is a day to:
1. Spread the word about this holiday.
2. Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast.   To get the full excitement about this special day, tell the kids what s gonna happen a few days before it arrives. The eager anticipation will lift their spirits and help to make winter go by just a little quicker.  Origin of Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day:
This very special day was created out of sheer winter boredom in the 1960s. A mom in Rochester, NY. decided it was time to give her kids something to look forward to, other than another day of gray skies and snowfall. So, she created this day with her two young boys. It sure did the trick, if only for a little while.

#Breakfast #Easy #Fun #KidsWillLoveIt #Elephant #Celebrate

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