Today is Purim so be sure to celebrate

For your future planning here are the future dates of Purim
March 21, 2019, March 10, 2020; February 26, 2021; March 17, 2022; March 7, 2023; March 24, 2024; March 14, 2025

Purim is a two day event beginning at sundown on the fourteenth day of Adar, the twelve month of the Jewish calendar.
Every race and religion has their solemn and their festive holidays. Purim is the most festive of the Jewish Holidays. Children dress in costumes and people give gifts. Usually solemn synagogues are turned into festive arenas. Children shake noise makers called “Graggers”.
The festive holiday centers around Queen Esther, King Ahasuerus (or Achashverosh), Mordecahi and Haman. The event took place in the Persian Empire in the fifth century, B.C. It is a celebration of a major victory against oppression of the Jews at that time.

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