OK This is important if you have a computer so today is the day…….World Backup Day…….

We have all become so dependent on our computers and all our devises that it is traumatic when then go down……………especially if we have not backed them up and have a catastrophic event…………scary thought
World Backup Day serves as a very important reminder to secure vital files, by making a back up copy.
In today’s world, nearly everything is on an electronic file stored in your cell phone or computer. At the same time, life is so busy and fast paced, that many of us do not take the time to back up our files. Just imagine how you’d feel, if you do not have those precious photos stored in a back up file or up in The Cloud. If you don’t back up those important files and documents on your computer, a system crash, can cause you many hours in re-creating them. And, when it comes to photos, you just can’t recreate them.
So, this special day encourages us to stop and back up all of our files. Yes, do it now. It only takes a few minutes. It is Sunday so you can set up your backup to run before you leave for church.

#BackUp #Safe #Necessary #SaveYourWork #SaveYourBusiness #Elephant #PeaceOfMind

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