Pick Blueberries Day

The blueberry harvest begins in early to mid-July. So, it should come as no surprise, that Pick Blueberry Day is today.
Native to North America, blueberries are delicious, healthy and nutritious. Over 90% of all blueberries are grown in North America. The U.S. is the world’s largest producer of blueberries. In 2012, the U.S. harvested total: 564.4 million pounds of cultivated and wild blueberries. North American natives called them “Star Berries’, as the blossom end has five points resembling a star.
From a health standpoint, everyone should eat plenty of these plump, blue berries. Blueberries contain the highest level of antioxidant of all fruits and vegetables. They are high in fiber, too. These little berries can have a huge, positive impact on your health. Medicinal benefits include improved memory and brain health, fights or helps to control, Alzheimer, certain cancers, promote heart health, and much more. Did You Know? Native Americans used blueberry juice for persistent coughs, and for good eyesight. With all of the medicinal benefits of Blueberries, you should celebrate Pick Blueberry Day in many ways, including:

  • Go out and pick your own blueberries. If you can’t get out to do so, buy some blueberries at your grocery store, garden center, or roadside stand.
  • Eat plenty of blueberries. Add them your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
  • Grab a blueberry recipe or two, and make them for family, friends, or for work.
  • Make a plan to incorporate more blueberries into your daily diet.blue.
  • If you are a gardener, plant a couple blueberry bushes in your garden.

So now that you have picked all those blueberries you’ll probably want to preserve some of them…….

Or perhaps you just like to eat them……………the choices are many and always you to you to decide,

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