Grab Some Nuts Day

Grab Some Nuts Day is today. One could call this a truly nutty day for several reasons.
First, let’s explore just what does “nuts” mean? Are we talking about nuts that you eat!? Most likely so. But, we also could be talking about the nuts that go with bolts. Or, perhaps this day is about some of our nutty friends. We’ve all got a few of those. Unfortunately, the creator of this special day is unknown, and he or she has not offered documentation on this special day.  
As far as we have discovered, information is very sketchy and only resident on the internet. Internet websites have unanimously assumed that this special day is about nuts that we eat. So, let’s follow that theme and go grab a handful or two of nuts to eat and enjoy. This leaves us with yet another dilemma about today.
Grabbing a bunch of edible nuts poses yet another uncertainty. The problem here, is the definition of what is an edible nut. Most of us have heard over and over gain, that peanuts are not nuts, they are legumes. But, almost all of us will be amazed to know that technically walnuts, cashews, pistachios and almonds are not nuts either.Yet, all of us and the food industry refers them to as nuts. So, the whole concept of this special day is more than a little nutty when you stop and think about it. Well, that is about it in the nutshell. Before you become a complete nut case, we suggest you don’t give it another thought. Rather, go out and have a great Grab Some Nuts Day.

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