National Calzone Day 11/1/19

If the air is resplendent with the aroma of garlic and tomato sauce on November 1, it might just be that it’s National Calzone Day.

Calzones take the delicious toppings and cheese of a pizza and tuck it up tight in a warm garlicky, crusty package. Also known as calzoni in some parts of Italy, like the pizza, it originated in Naples. It looks much like a turnover, and as varied as pizzas come these days, so does the calzone.

The loose translation of the word calzone to trouser legs from Italian to English may explain the purpose of what essentially is a pizza hand pie. Though how one carries out the task while walking about on two legs when these moon-shaped pies are filled with a bounty of cheeses, meat, vegetables and sauces is sure a miracle to behold!

On National Calzone Day, the dough will be infused with garlic and butter to add flavor. Sauces made from scratch with Italian herbs and spices will lend that old world flair to every calzone recipe. By the time the mozzarella, provolone or Parmesan melts into the sausage, spinach or whatever choice ingredients, aromas will be filling the air and mouths will be watering.  So take a seat, invite some friends, and enjoy the evening savoring a well-made calzone.

#NationalCalzoneDay #Calzone #Delish #Elephant #Yummy #Meal

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