National Tin Can Day

It is very fitting that the Tin Can has it’s very own special day of recognition. Made of tin coated steel or aluminum, the humble tin can is perhaps one of the greatest inventions in history. It revolutionized the storage of perishable foods. Tin cans are part of virtually everyone’s lives. It changed the way we store food, and allowed for safe, long term storage of so many foods.

The tin can was invented in the early 1800’s. Several people claim to be the inventor and/or the holder of the first patent. The first tin cans were produced in England. Philippe Henri de Girard of France, is credited with being the first creator. French Inventor Nicholas Appertin came up with the canning concept on 1809. Peter Durand of England patented the tin can in 1810. On January 19, 1825, Ezra Daggett and Thomas Kensett received the U.S. tin can patent. The celebration of National Tin Can Day is in recognition of this event.

While the tin can was invented in the early 1800, it wasn’t until 1858, nearly 50 years later, that Ezra Warner invented the can opener. Prior to that, tin cans were hacked, chopped, and chiseled open. 

The Tin Can Day Motto: Yes, we can!!

For many decades, the tin can was used and then discarded. A precious few cans had a second use as target practice. Today, the tin can has received the respect it is due. It is a valuable commodity that is now recycled, keeping it from the waste stream.

Did You Know? Tin cans were once sealed with lead, causing many cases of lead poisoning.

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