National Dolphin Day


Flipper, the TV dolphin would be so proud to know that this day is in honor of him and his fellow dolphins. Flipper was the star of a television show bearing his name. Flipper, the heroic dolphin, debuted on September 19, 1964, and ran through 1967. But, this special day is not just about Flipper. It is about all dolphins. While we think of them as fish, dolphins are actually mammals. They are friendly and intelligent. They live in shallow waters and continental shelves, leading to frequent siting and human contact. Growing from 4 to 30 feet long, their main diet is fish and squid. We are surprised that this is called a “National” day, as there are many dolphin themed events and educational programs around the world on this day. It seems like everyone around the world loves dolphins. You can celebrate National Dolphin Day in many ways, including:

  • Go to an aquarium to see dolphins.
  • Read abut dolphins
  • Seek out one of the many special events for this day.
  • Support groups seeking to protect dolphins

Thought for the Day: Dolphins are so smart, that within a few weeks of captivity, they can train people to stand on the very edge of the pool and throw them fish.

#Dolphin #Flipper #OpenWater #Eelphant

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