World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day

As the old saying goes….. “Give a man some vegetables, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to grow a vegetable garden, and you feed his whole family for life!” t’s a hungry world. Famine affects millions upon millions of people. If everyone had even a small garden, there would be far fewer people suffering from starvation. For the average person, having a vegetable garden, helps to ease the family food budget, too. In addition, people who grow some or all of their own vegetables often do so organically, or at least with less of those harmful chemical insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Hmmm? Healthier food for my children? Now this alone is a great reason to start a vegetable garden today! Looking for ideas on where to plant your first garden? Millions upon millions of people are already gardening in some amazing places. Backyard gardens are what normally comes to mind. Urban community gardens also abound. In urban environments, vacant lots are often used (seek permission from the owner first). People grow gardens in containers and pots on balconies, decks, and patios. Apartment rooftops can be a great place for your new garden. For those of us who are space constrained, vertical gardens can be the solution.

Participation in this day is fun and easy. Join in the fun hobby of gardening. Simply start a vegetable (or flower or herb) garden. If you are already a gardener, encourage and help someone to start their very first garden. Start small, making it easy to handle and less like a chore. Chances are, you  will make your garden larger in future years, as you grow your gardening expertise. Origin of World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day This holiday day was created in 2019 by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY. Bob is owner and author of The Gardener’s NetworkGarden Hobbies, and Pumpkin Nook. Bob is also an avid, life time gardener. World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day was created to help feed a hungry planet, and encourage people to join in the fun hobby of gardening. While this day is intended to create a vegetable garden, Matthews says you can use this day to plant a flower or herb garden, if you prefer. Better still, why not grow all three….. vegetables, flowers, and herbs!? The date of May 19th was chosen, as the last frost date has past for almost everyone in the northern hemisphere, where the vast majority of humans live. If the last frost date has not yet occurred in your area, start a few plants indoors today, for transplanting outdoors later.

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